3D Printing – Cat Armor

3D Printed Cat Armor for my kitty, Bobo.
The 3D Printable models can be found here:

We’ve are very excited to share this design with all cats around the world. #HappyPrinting

Please feel free to send any helmet ideas to any of these socials:

3D Printing - Cat Armor

20 thoughts on “3D Printing – Cat Armor”

  1. Hello, we are from Venezuela, we currently have a small business and we manufacture products for sewing machines. We have several video demonstrations, we can send a file for you to make a demonstration of the potential of 3D printers, and who knows, hecer business then. Bye now.

  2. Hola, somos de Venezuela, actualmente tenemos una pequeña empresa y fabricamos productos para maquinas de coser. Tenemos varios videos demostrativos, podemos enviarte un archivo para que realices una demostracion del potencial de las impresoras 3d, y quien sabe, hecer negocios luego. Hasta luego.

  3. I know its relevant, but maybe you could 3D print either an Xenomorph, or a facehugger and show us? Maybe print both?

  4. I m getting contact high from watching this guys vids 🙂
    I really hope this is not a character because his joviality is awesome and contagious

  5. This is too awesome! I need one for me and my dog, do they come in short skinny male and large dog sizes?? That'd be awesome! Loved the video

  6. If you are making armor for cats that will be fighting other cats you might want to do something to protect their stomachs. Isn't that their most vulnerable spot in a cat fight? I'd suggest something less rigid so that they can move will all of their feline grace.

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