3d printing Jacob The Carpertbagger

Posted By on March 20, 2017

3d printing Jacob The Carpertbagger

A short video for Jacob the carpetbagger and his YouTube followers on 3d printing the file sent to him by a fan in Japan. Jacob is a collector of Mold A rama and I have a few as well. So 3d printing was a way to make something carpetbagger related until Jacob can find a way to talk Mold A rama into doing it. The 3d file is great looking and rich in details but needs to be repaired to be “Manafold” also it would be best to have the eye glasses made as separate parts so that removing support material is not a problem with breakage. More contact between the right hand and the case handle would help and deeper extrusion of the logo on the case would be great.

The Carpetbagger adventure with the 3d modle can be seen here.

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3d printing Jacob The Carpertbagger

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