3D Printing Security Solution – 3D SAFER

Posted By on January 12, 2018

3D Printing Security Solution - 3D SAFER
Today, thanks to the expansion of the 3D printing market and increased user interest, the distribution of 3D models has become more active, increasing the importance of 3D designs and intellectual property rights.
MarkAny’s 3D SAFER applies technologies to protect against the illegal use of 3D models and track illegal distribution, thereby ensuring the intellectual property rights of creators are respected and upheld.
3D SAFER is comprised of DRM, Feature Extraction, Digital Forensics, and THz Scan features. DRM performs encryption to protect intellectual property rights, and is available only to license holders.
Feature Extraction extracts unique information from a design and examines similarities to other designs in order to prevent piracy.
The Digital Forensics feature inserts and detects ownership information for use in tracking the course of a leakage.
A THz Scan analyzes the internal patterns of 3D output using electromagnetic waves to verify authenticity.

3D SAFER creates a safe distribution environment for valuable 3D models through the protection of intellectual property rights.

3D Printing Security Solution – 3D SAFER

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