3D Printing Surgical Technology | AIIMS Doctors Made Miracle | NYOOOZ TV

3D Printing Surgical Technology | AIIMS Doctors Made Miracle | NYOOOZ TV
In recent years, Indian doctors glorified medical sector by doing some near impossible surgeries. Adding a feather to the cap, recently doctors at AIIMS have successfully operated two-year-old conjoined twins
The venous bypass surgery was done to separate the shared veins that carry blood to the heart from the brain. 125 surgery specialist doctors have achieved the milestone with the help of 3D heads.
Now, you would be thinking what is the 3D head?
The 3d head is artificial head which is made with the help of 3D printed surgical models.
What is 3D printed surgical models?:
3D printed surgical model allows surgeons to get their eyes, and their hands, on the organ or body part they’ll be operating on ahead of time, which lets them plan out exactly what they need to do during the surgery.
Vo3: The new 3d printing surgical technology has made the almost impossible operation a success and credit must go to the skilled doctors.

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3D Printing Surgical Technology | AIIMS Doctors Made Miracle | NYOOOZ TV