3d Stereo Image?? To The Peak Of Old Photographs Revive Technology

3d Stereo Image?? To The Peak Of Old Photographs Revive Technology

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HC Network Screen Printing Special printing industries Channel to Rika Macross 3D technology in a unique “edge optimization and calculation of 3D data,” Design of three-dimensional surface transition natural, smooth, true, before and after the structured, completely remove the sheet sense, you can modify three-dimensional arbitrary image, until you are satisfied. Also, because only the ordinary flat images, so the image source, image quality, technical control, shooting convenience, parallax control, depending on the number of handicap in terms of a traditional three-dimensional film can not match advantage. People marvel Digital Technology The same time, deep broad market prospects of this technology make inroads for them!

Application: Photography industry: wedding photography, portrait photo, landscape photography, etc.;

Advertising industry: Lightbox Advertising, posters, etc.;

Interior: Decorative Painting , Sub-King Screen Etc.;

Exhibition: site design, display panels, architectural renderings, three-dimensional Signs Etc.;

Heritage Antiques: treasures simulation, loss of product representation;

Urban landscape: a bright Project , Building decoration;

Printing Industry: Calendar , Calendar , Decorative painting, star cards, Greeting Cards Etc.;

Three-dimensional design: a professional advertising agency to provide panoramic reconstruction design;

Lighting Lighting : Three-dimensional lamp, three-dimensional Wall lamp ;

Memorial Sculpture : A new concept of virtual memorial sculpture.

Science is more convenient and cheaper

Three-dimensional image capture technology seen in the early nineties of last century, the advent of this technology in the photographic history of the epoch-making significance.

A multi- Shot Three-dimensional camera easily shoot several million price to be prohibitive, not to mention ordinary photographers, even professional photographers on the “long machine” has little to attract the buyers are. Therefore, the long machine manufacturers paid job end and both are holding onto the streets.

Worth celebrating is that a landmark three-dimensional photo shoot technology in August 2005 can be Rika in the birth. The reason that this film technology is an epoch-making three-dimensional film technology, pioneering the use of this method is that only a simple track, it can be any ordinary one Digital Cameras To complete three-dimensional photography, and shooting broke as rail sliding lens number of restrictions, after the three-dimensional imaging is better than a few million, but also full of vivid long machine.

To Rika all Stainless steel Shooting guide, is an integrated home and abroad on the basis of the many advantages of similar products to prosperity on the simple, improved through repeated optimization of innovative products. Especially given distance Link The thrust-type structure can be flexibly adjusted in use, after use to facilitate collection.

Powerful all stainless steel components, fine dexterity, flexibility.

simple structure, scientific and rational design. Practical, durable, easy to use.

can be any ordinary digital camera into a three-dimensional Pen camera, and features a high beyond any of today’s multi-lens stereo camera.

complete a small lens, multi-camera, and even 100 lens unlimited shooting.

can achieve close-range, medium shot, shot three-dimensional vision barrier.

whether the photographed subject is still life, landscape, or people may take a few minutes to complete.

synthesis Software Interface clear, simple, three-dimensional synthesis of fast, smooth, perfect.

Virgin market value of unlimited potential

Once mastered stereo photography technology guide, you can achieve it all (on-site filming) Photo All made the dream of three-dimensional effect, but also because the technology for you, saving the high costs of production, regardless of the costs you can design, the cynical film. Holding the sword in science and technology can be a long straight into the three-dimensional photographic industry, footer, three-dimensional advertising, three-dimensional plaque industry, three-dimensional Card Industry, the three-dimensional and three-dimensional printing Crafts Make Industry.

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