4K Drone Footage RIO DE JANEIRO [DJI Phantom 4]

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4K Drone Footage RIO DE JANEIRO [DJI Phantom 4]
The final 4K footage of my drone flights in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with my DJI Phantom 4; project finished and uploaded on 2018-01-05 – enjoy! šŸ™‚

Media data: This drone video (3:21min playtime) is an extraction of my 15.9GB Rio de Janeiro 4K Drone Video Footage. Footage on Sale. For inquiries, contact me via E-Mail or my Facebook Page.

Rio de Janeiro Drone Flight: Rio de Janeiro, or simply Rio, is the second-most populous municipality in Brazil and the sixth-most populous in the Americas. The metropolis is anchor to the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area, the second-most populous metropolitan area in Brazil and sixth-most populous in the Americas. Rio de Janeiro the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s third-most populous state. Part of the city has been designated as a World Heritage Site, named “Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea”, by UNESCO on 1 July 2012 as a Cultural Landscape. [wikipedia]

Video taken with the DJI Phantom 4 Drone in February 2017


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Music [NCS]: Halcyon – Runaway (feat. Valentina Franco)

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4K Drone Footage RIO DE JANEIRO [DJI Phantom 4]

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