Arduino drone – Part3 Drone built

Arduino drone - Part3 Drone built
First of all sorry for my “ESC” word accent. LOL

Full Arduino based drone. The tutorial is divided in a few parts. In this video I build drone using all the parts from the other two videos. You can find all the codes, schematics, examples below. If you want more, wait for next videos where I show you how the PID words and how to create our own code for the flight controller.

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Part 1:
Part 2:

Drone build webpage:

Flight controller webpage:
Transmitter/receiver webpage:
Full tutorial webpage:
Price/Part list webpage:

——-From previous videos——-
NRF24 library:
Multiwii downlaod:
Part list (photos):
PID tutorial:


LIPO battery:
ESC 12A:
1804 brushless motor:
5030 propellers:
LIPO connectors:
Slide switch:

Flight controller: DIY
Radio receiver/transmitter: DIY
Drone body: DIY or :

ESC calibrate:
Lipo connection:
Propeller spin direction:

ESC calibrate:

——-From previous videos——-
Transmitter code:
Receiver code:
Receiver test:

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Arduino drone – Part3 Drone built