BEST Kitesurf Video Of 2018 ! FPV Racing Drone

BEST Kitesurf Video Of 2018 ! FPV Racing Drone
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Music: M83-Outro (beleive me or not but this music was choosen for this project a year ago…)

Hi guys !! !! i’m glad to present you my biggest project yet !
It all started talking with my brother almost a year ago when we were discovering what fpv was making possible…. then he told me: “do you think you could film me kitesurfing ?”
the thought of flying that much over water was pretty scarry, but nothing is impossible, and the idea of riding with my brother again (we use to ski together a lot, but i cant anymore because of to many injuries…) was really nice !!

So in the same chat, we decided that the music would be this one, cuz we always dreamed to use it since redbull did on Thats It Thats All…… So, NO i did not copy Florent Roque or Johny FPV, i was pretty sad when i saw that they used it before me but i would not change my project for this reason.

Anyway, i landed i new caledonia 3 months ago, to finally start realising this project. !! and i have to say that the first pack was pretty good, it was just incredible to see how much strenght the wind had on my Kwad….. and then we started to film, do packs after packs, days after days, till we realised that the drones needed to bee completly taped to resist splashes.
The crash i dont show on the video is still in a gopro in the sea cuz i flew the next day without changing the SD and got a real flaysafe, actually the first of my life…. 😉

this experience was great, it was incredible to see that a drone actually doesnt care much about sea water, after a good rince, and a good dry, most of the pieces still worked. actually crossfire nanos rx never dies 🙂 !!!!!

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Huge Thanks to:

-Powerloop racing:
-AirVision 17:


-Motors: Xnova V2 2207 2700Kv
-Flight Controller: YUPI F7
-Props: HQprops 5X4.3X3R V1S
-Fpv cam: Runcam Swift 2
-HD cam: Gopro Session 5
-Rx: TBS crossfire NANO
-Vtx: TBS Unify pro HV
-Antenna : TBS Triumph 5.8Ghz

-FatShark HD3
-Furious FPV true D
-Antennas: Mini Patch 8 dBi RHCP 5,8 GHz Immersion RC + TBS Triumph 5.8Ghz
-Homemade Mono EarBudd

-Taranis X9D+ Special edition MR STEELE
-TBS Crossfire Tx

-Lipo Dinogy Graphene ULTRA – 1300mah 4S 80C

BEST Kitesurf Video Of 2018 ! FPV Racing Drone