“Bring it to mars, bring it to spaceships” Eddy Azar Growth Hacker @ Bitnation

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In the format bitnation Interview we want to interview all bitnation core members and ambassadors. We want to give you an insight of what Bitnation really is and how it could be helpful to you. In Episode 1 we interviewed Eddy Azar.

Eddy Azar is a growth hacker working for Bitnation. He has been growth hacking two record breaking ICO’s: Bancor and Golem. Since some months he is working for Bitnation.

In this Interview we talk about how Bitnation could change the world. Bitnation delivers the free mobile App Pangea where you can create your own nations, smart contracts, choose your own jurisdiriction and many things more inside a secure network that does not collect your data.

Eddy talks about why he likes to work for Bitnation, why the ICO didn’t went so well, where he sees bitnation in the future and if growth hacking has worked for him at tinder as well.
His website you can find under www.eddyazar.com

The interview has been conducted by Stefan Dyck.

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“Bring it to mars, bring it to spaceships” Eddy Azar Growth Hacker @ Bitnation