Cars History: 2016 infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept

Cars History:  2016 infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept
Cars History: 2016 infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept
New Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept Is A Sign Of Things To Come

Infiniti revealed a new mid-size SUV concept named the QX Sport Inspiration today, prior to a world premiere at the Beijing Auto Show on Monday.

The sleek SUV, certain aspects of which may or may not remind some of you of the Maserati Levante, gives us an idea of how future crossovers from Infiniti could look like – in particular, the next QX70

“The QX Sport Inspiration expresses power and purpose through what we describe as its ‘proportional clarity’, with an elegance that is uniquely Infiniti,” said Infiniti design boss, Alfonso Albaisa. “The exterior design will appeal to an artistic sensibility. It has a more flowing, natural aesthetic than that evident in traditional premium SUVs.”

The QX Sport Inspiration is a continuation of what we saw on the 2014 Q80 Hybrid Luxury saloon concept showing us how Infiniti’s contemporary design language can and will be applied on a SUV. It has a flowing roofline that incorporates a crescent-cut pillar that’s quickly becoming a staple of the brand’s models these days, together with muscular and taut profile lines and a sharper front end.

While the restrained exterior design doesn’t seem too far away from production, the interior is more exaggerated with the goal here being to give us a general idea of the lines and shapes of Infiniti’s future SUVs. The Japanese company says the cabin “follows Infiniti’s driver-centric, passenger-minded approach to advanced cabin architecture”. A couple of things we’d hold on to would be the digitalized instrument panel and the standalone touchscreen for the infotainment system.

There are no details at this point about the study’s powertrain.

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Cars History: 2016 infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept