3D Printing

3D printing pen 2015

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How to combine the old and new via 3D printing

During our webinar we’ll cover multidisciplinary curriculum topics including teaching complex math via 3D fractals, developing the student design experience, melding traditional course content w/ NEW tech, and much...

3D ручка – Отец и Сын

3D printing pen: http://goo.gl/uYw2Pl Привет! Получили крутую 3D ручку. Это на самом деле очень интересная штуковина)) “Отец и Сын PLAY” https://goo.gl/2iRV7u “Отец и Сын LIVE” https://goo.gl/cYXEBN Группа Вконтакте “Отец...

MakerBot Support | Replicator 2/2X, Replace Interface & MightyBoard

Learn the in’s and out’s of troubleshooting this issue with your MakerBot Replicator 2 and 2X Experimental 3D Printer. Follow the basics explored in this video, or visit https://support.makerbot.com...

Coursera 3D Printing Assignment 1

Tumbler Handle. Coursera 3D Printing Assignment 1.

3D Printing Filament Friday #69 – Door Hinge Router Guide using ROBO3D and MatterHackers PLA

Chuck needed to do some projects around the house including replacing several doors. This required routering out for hinges on the new door. He had the router bit but...

International 3D-printing Conference

3D Printing Machine

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