Concept Drones

“DEFENDER 5″Drone Concept Desine By Utkarsh Sharma

It’s a Defensive Drone Specially Design For Border Security and Provide Heavy Defense for Troops in Combat….

“DEFENDER 6” Drone Concept Design By Utkarsh Sharma

It’s a Combat Drone Concept Design With Fast Attack Six Barrel Mini Gun

Drone-Concept Luftbildaufnahmen

Drone-Concept Luftbildaufnahmen

Drone/ Robot concept

Aircraft Concept By NiT

Robotic Falconry – Drone Catcher System for Removing the Intruding Drones

Proof of concept prototype of a drone catcher system to intercept and physically remove the intruding multi-rotor drones from the protected areas (patent pending). This system offers a viable...

rinspeed reveals drone equipped etos autonomous concept before CES 2016