Drone Crash

Drone crash

Drone Crash – Phantom 3 – Crashing into a wall

When you don’t concentrate this is what happens. However due to the build quality of the DJI Drone it was flying again 3 minutes later. No damage to craft...

Most Extreme Drone Crash Compilation

This isn’t the first drone compilation, but it is the most artful, and definitely one of the funniest

Tarot X6 Hexacopter – Hard Crash of drone Proto test

We were flying with a friend when suddenly 2 props detaches(we don’t know exactly how) Electronics are ok BUT RIP FRAMES. enJOY, like and leave comments

Parrot Bebop Drone Crash

Rip drone 🙁


This video is about drone crash in the tree

솔로 드론 추락영상 | 3DR SOLO Drone Crash

ㅠㅠ 맘 아프게 드론이 추락했어요….

Crash Drone DJI Phantom 3 Advenced Compass error | Аварийная посадка. Ошибка компаса

DJI Phantom Compass Error / Crash