Drone Crash

S-Idee Quadcopter S183W S183C Ufo Drone in Wind 35KPH and crash

S-Idee Quadrocopter fighting high speed winds (35KPH) and crashing twice.

Neary Aerial Drone Crash Extended Warranty Service

Neary Aerial Drone Crash Extended Warranty Service https://neary-aerial.com

Propel Cloud Rider Drone Flight and Crash

This is my first flight with my Propel Cloud Rider Drone. I have never flown a quad before and crashed in a neighbors yard about a block away from...

Learning to fly a Drone

Drone flight and crash landings

Drone Crash

Had the drone up to get a aerial point of view. Then it just fell out of the sky. Subscribe, Tip Jar, Thumbs Up, Share

Hurricane Mk2 Racing Drone ! ( with close call & crash )

Decided to fly my hurricane after work, lots of fun!!! crash at the end was due to low battery šŸ™ still a good fly ( one of my first...

BOYONG!! Drone Made Direct Hit On Radio Mast; Owner Sought-Video of actual crash

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Syma Drone Quadcopter X5C run away and crash

Wind changed direction and took the Syma X5C with it. After the first time it flew in circles I had lost control and site of Quadcopter. Took me 20...