Weird Machines

WEIRD BOOTLEG GASHAPON (Capsule Toy) There are many kinds of vending machine in Japan. This video shows candy maker Glico’s original gashapon. Hatsune

Yoshi’s Weird Island Episode 1:”The Time Machine”

When Yoshi and Announcer “accidentally”use Toadsworth’s Time Machine,they get sent back to the dinosaur era.And they they must survive for a week as the time machine auto repairs itself....

The weird machine| part 1

Will the dog go on the machine?make sure to check out number two soon! The weird machine| part 1

SAMMY IS WEIRD! | Bendy and the Ink machine (Chapter 2) Part 1

Joey Drew is such a weird guy! DOWNLOAD CHAPTER 2 HERE: BenTheDominator: The Blue Flare: My Brother’s Channel: My Twitter: How I make my Thumbnails:...