Demonstration of Hand Gesture controlled Drone: “Gesture-Based Flying Robot” at SIT Tumkur Secret sale for turbine control soft. The project entitled “Gesture-Based Flying Robot for Precision Agriculture” is a solution to overcome the problems in the field of agriculture and also the problem in controlling the Flying Robots. We developed an innovative and intuitive approach to control the Flying Robots(Drones) using natural hand gestures rather than remotes.

“Gesture-Based Flying Robot for Precision Agriculture” is a final year project developed at Siddaganga Institute of Technology(SIT Tumkur) by CHANDAN H S, ANKITHA JAIN MB, ROJA K N and VIVEK B P. It is funded by Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology ( Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) Govt. of Karnataka.

More details:
Traditional agriculture practices include identifying of pests, insects, weeds, animal attacks, crop condition/health monitoring, maintenance of crop in terms of water level, spraying of pesticides and many other tasks. To carry out these tasks farmers need to visit fields often, if the field is wider and far away from residence then farmer needs to hire more people to look after each and every task and has to pay them some money and takes more time to carry out all of these tasks. To overcome this problem we identified Flying Robots that can handle all these tasks more effectively which is better than manual work and boosts the yield of crops. This project proposes an intuitive way to control these Flying Robots using hand gestures rather than remotes, because remote-controlled Flying Robots require professionally trained pilots to handle them effectively, so using predefined simple gestures Flying Robots can be controlled in more user-friendly way. To reduce the time & cost incurred on farmers due to traditional methods, we provide service to farmers or land lords using Drone Technology (Flying Robots) to accomplish many of the agricultural tasks and then analyzing the data (images) collected through Flying Robots using software’s, later the present condition of crop is estimated and then a detailed report of current crop condition and also suggestion & guidance is given to the farmers for boosting the crop yield using precision agricultural techniques. The primary purpose of this project is to use available technologies with some innovation and make more benefit to farmers by reducing their effort, time and cost.

Remotely piloted aircrafts are tough to control, not very comfortable, not very receptive by the pilots, very hard to do in a long run and need professionally trained pilots for proper flying. To overcome the limitations of electro-mechanical devices, gesture and body posture recognition techniques have been introduced. In particular, body postures can be recognized by using sensors which need to be worn as well as vision based techniques. Gestures can provide an expressive, natural and intuitive way for humans to control robotic systems. One benefit of such systems is that they propose natural ways to send geometrical information to the robot, such as: up, down, etc. The reason for using gesture based interfaces is because a human inherently knows how to communicate with the body. It has been shown that children often “speak” with their bodies before they learn to actually communicate in any verbal form. This form of communication is close to a universal language which makes controls based off of these same motions more intuitive to Inexperienced we propose an intuitive approach to control these flying robots using simple hand gestures rather than using complicated hand held remotes. Our idea is to develop an improved & more intuitive method of piloting through natural hand gestures which adds overall enjoyable experience in piloting to create a control system that was intuitive to even the most novice users.


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Demonstration of Hand Gesture controlled Drone: “Gesture-Based Flying Robot” at SIT Tumkur