Drone racer tries simulator for the first time

Drone racer tries simulator for the first time

As a Drone pilot I never got a real chance to fly a simulator.
Firstly because there weren’t any proper ones when I started flying and secondly because my old laptop refuses to run any šŸ˜€

I found velocidrone and it seemed that my machine tolerated the simpler maps at a low res so I thought I’d give it a go and show you how does a drone pilot fly in a sim!

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Drone racer tries simulator for the first time

3 thoughts on “Drone racer tries simulator for the first time”

  1. Thankyou for doing a video on our simulator. I would like to point out that if your machine has trouble running the simulator at a good frame rate then you will not get realistic drop speeds and it will feel floaty – we advise that you must be achieving at least 60 FPS for it to be simulating correctly – below this and the physics will become more and more unrealistic as there is not sufficient processing power for it to do the calculations accurately. As an example, on your stadium inverted spins you achieved 7, I can only achieve 3 from the same height with it running at good frame rates – could argue that this may also be too many but you see the point.

  2. I played this for a month before I got my first quad. About 30 hours of play got me accustomed to the controls and basic maneuvers. Was able to fly my quad right off.. No serious crashes so far. Also this sim is way more serious than the ones on Steam.

  3. I really liked the simulator it seems to be quite complete, congratulations to the video !!!

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