Drone Racing Middenwaard

Drone Racing Middenwaard

Awesome event. Smashing track. Boatload of fun. I can only suspect how much work is needed to prepare things like that, but I hope to see more from this group.
I had an epic amount of bad luck too. Concrete beast did not start, smashed Mako disintegrating a motor.
3″ obsession suffered from vid drop outs (later identified as damaged tramp) and even thou I changed it for brand new 2.0 tramp for semi final I had bad vid. One of those days.

All that said I had an amazing day, plenty fun. Thanks to friends in FPV crime and people who put it together!

DQuad Obsession 3″
Betaflight F3
Cicada 4in1
RK 334
IRC Tramp
Foxeer Arrow v2
Drone Racing Middenwaard

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