Drones: Mastering Flight Techniques

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Drones: Mastering Flight Techniques

Drones: Mastering Flight Techniques

Drones: Mastering Flight Techniques is a complete guide to flying your drone. Created as a standalone book, it is also the natural follow on to the first book in the series Drones: The Professional Drone Pilot’s Manual and was designed to support and guide you as you build on your piloting experience.
Within Drones: Mastering Flight Techniques You will learn how to grow your confidence with proven and practised flight techniques that also add to and enhance your current skill-set. Within the book you will learn many flight and filming techniques, some industry specific but many that can be applied to multiple situations.There are step by step methods for the following:

Numerous “reveal” shot techniques.
General drone filming and photography methods.
How to film moving targets with examples.
Tried and tested methods for creating professional surveys, map making and 3D models- along with examples.
Racing drone flight techniques.

As well as


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