Eachine E010S Micro racing drone fun around the fitness park

Eachine E010S Micro racing drone fun around the fitness park
Eachine E010S Micro racing drone fun around the fitness park
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FPV flying around the playground!
Micro FPV is fun!

Very small and tiny!
Loving it so far!

Small and convenient!

Video Recorded on Fatshark Dominator HD3 goggles – https://goo.gl/dHvn7P

Thanks for watching!

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Brand: Eachine
Item NO: E010S
Body weight: 26 g (with battery)
Battery Power: 3.7V 45C 150 MAH
Wheelbase: 65mm
Frame: ABS high-quality
615 Coreless Motor: Long diameter
(without motor axis): 15mm
Wide diameter: 6mm
Weight: 4.8 g
Speed: 59000 rpm ± 12%
F3 Brush Flight Controller:
(the version can be selected) F3+FRSKY
– F3 is an open source flight control to support the current international mainstream Cleanflight and Baseflight platform
– Integrated FRSKY compatible 8CH receiver, serial output
– Support FRSKY communication protocol, 8 channels
– Built-in DC-DC boost circuit, can be powered by IIC and UART interface other devices, support 1S lithium battery
– Drive motor frequency: 2K (this frequency can be set by the user, the maximum frequency can be set to 32K)
– Gyro support manual mode, horizontal mode
– Firmware upgrades and tunables can be done via Micro USB.Adjust the
interface with Baseflight Configuration and Cleanflight-Configuration
800TVL 40CH 25MW VTX 1/3 “CMOS FPV Camera
Camera: Sensor: 1/3 “CMOS
Clarity: M7 800TVL camera
View Angle: 150° FOV horizontal view angle
170° DFOV opposite view angle
Signal system: NTSC/PAL (one-button switch)
Power consumption: 380mA@3.7V
Operating voltage: 3.6-5.5V
Lens mirror diameter: 2.1mm IR coated FOV150(Level)
Transmitter: Supporting video system: NTSC/PAL
Output impedance: 75 Ohm
Operating signal intensity: 23~24dBm
Output power: 25mW
Wireless channel: 40CH
Operating voltage: 3.6V~5.5V
Current: 100mA
Sound carrier: 6.5MHz
Transmit Frequency Table: Band A : 5865,5845,5825,5805,5785,5765,5745,5725
Band B : 5733,5752,5771,5790,5809,5828,5847,5866
Band E : 5705,5685,5665,5645,5885,5905,5925,5945
Band F : 5740,5760,5780,5800,5820,5840,5860,5880
Band R : 5658,5695,5732,5769,5806,5843,5880,5917
Weight: 3.8g
Size: 26x20x18mm (without antenna)
Function: – Camerapicture comparable to CCD
– True wideangle lens 150° FOV Horizontal viewing angle 170° DFOV diagonal viewing angle
– Ultra-low power, ultra-lightweight, extremely suitable for smaller aircraft
– Turn to the R channel,ABEF 4 indicator lights bright,can choose1.
1. Without assembly and commissioning
2. Open – source flight control can be adjusted according to the player ‘s personal preferences self – stability, semi – self – stability, manual, convenient for different levels of players
3. According to the race standard RaceBand VTX CAM 40 channel transmitter,Cmos 1/3 800Tvl high-definition camera,NTSC / PAL system can be a key switch

Package included:
1x Frame kit
4x 615 59000 rpm ± 12% Coreless Motor
8x Blades(2 Sets )
1x F3_EVO_Brush Flight Controller
1x 800Tvl 40cH 25mW Camera
1x 3.7V 45C 150MAH battery
1x USB Charger
1x Manual
1x Blade removal tool

Eachine E010S Micro racing drone fun around the fitness park