EaglePro Drone Racing Obstacle Course Hoops

EaglePro Drone Racing Obstacle Course Hoops
EaglePro Drone Racing Obstacle Course is a set of plastic drone hoops that you can set up inside or out. They’re very easy to build — just a few minutes for a single hoop then place them anywhere.

The drone hoops are very fun to use with “tiny whoop” style drones, such as the LDARC Tiny 6x, or the ET125. While 200mm size drones will fit, these hoops are best geared toward 125mm or less models that are either toy-grade or brushless with ducts / prop guards.

They must be arranged within close quarters rather than distancing them apart… flying by FPV video with analog signal quality is very challenging! Hoops like this are hard to see on camera feed like that from a short distance away. To get the best visibility, keep them close, but also in nice bright sunlight. Trying to see them in the shade is far more difficult.

While I realize that the hoops were in part made of plastic to prevent damage (and you can see the Vortex 250 Pro tear them apart!) to the drones; during one incident of crashing into them with a 250 size racer, an ESC died. So I would still steer clear and not depend on the plastic keeping your unguarded drones from being damaged. If your props aren’t PC, they will also get banged up.

In conclusion… if you want a hoop that “looks cool” and isn’t a hacked together pool noodle — these are probably your best bet. However, they are certainly NOT a budget option at their current price! I’d really like to see a lower cost, higher durability hoop or race gate in the future, but for now, ducted-fan and toy grade drones will do fine with these.

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EaglePro Drone Racing Obstacle Course Hoops