Forex Megadroid Robot Review

Forex Megadroid Robot Review


Before we go into details of Forex Megadroid Robot review, let’s first know about the creators. Forex Megadroid was brought about by 2 professional traders, John Grace and Albert Perrie, who turned their 38 years trading experience of commercial banks into software meant to benefit all traders. Traders are usually wary of the fact that they can make profits as long as the market is steady, but they lose as it starts fluctuating rapidly and they really need help in forecasting market conditions to take proactive steps.

Forex Megadroid has been much appreciated since its release and the advantages of this system prove it’s worth its price. Forex Megadroid is a robotic guide to currency trading system, only that it’s easy to use and understand. It’s the best invention for those who want to trade the Forex market with the help of a sophisticated software and minimal human intervention. The software has been thoughtfully developed to be easier than the earlier ones and it pledges a 5 minutes set up process esp. for those who have used Expert Advisors before. Full set up instructions are given in the manual. After installing the indicator and adding the outlined settings you are up and running. It is essentially a ‘Plug & Play’ concept where you need no earlier experience if you want to cruise the world of Forex trading.

Forex Megadroid itself is a piece of automated forex software efficiently designed as a robot to run the Metatrader 4 trading platform. A1- hour chart time-frame is used by this robot to trade the EUR/USD pair. Using the ‘scalping’ strategy, the Forex Megadroid focuses on opening shot term trading deals to gain trickling profits. This strategy also executes trade entries and exits. Forex Megadroid has a patented technology put in use by its creators called RCTPA. Reverse Correlated Time Price Analysis makes predictions about future conditions based on an analysis of the past. And its results come at 95.82% accuracy in the market. The robot is therefore humanly in its habit of learning over time to make more accurate predictions of entry and exit points than before by correlating past and present trends.

The manufacturers have programmed the robot to run 24 hours a day on your account, as you make the initial setup and watch out for any prospective trade. You can either run Forex Megadroid on a VPS(Virtual Private Server) or just your standard PC with an internet connection. At first, trade used to occur mostly in the Asian session, but the launch of version 1.30 of forex Megadroid trading has caught on in other sessions as well.

A word of caution; this honest Forex Megadroid Robot review would like to give you; if you are thinking of getting rich overnight, then you know it has never been the case and no matter that the Forex Megadroid claims to double your investment, you should take it with pinch of salt. But there’s no need to be suspicious of its claims. A double digit gain to your account is quickly visible when you progress in your trade with this software.



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