Got a bulky old drone kicking around taking up space? Tired of always looking at it when you’re just trying to live your life here on Earth? Well we have the solution! Destroy it! It’s quick, easy and effective – and it makes for a great viral YouTube video! That’s right, for just eleven easy payments of .95 we can ruin your drone beyond recognition. Watch the video and be amazed!!

Here, in this never before seen, exclusive leaked Flipside video, Chris Hood demonstrates his time-mastered techniques in the ancient art of drone destruction. Feel the magic, hear the roar. It’s a once in a lifetime, spectacular new NSFW feeling, complete with epic #feels, cool out takes and behind the scenes bloopers, full HD uncensored, candid and most viewed, highest rated awesomesauce that only the top ranked number one viral video on Youtube, Instagram and/or Twitter could possibly trend, in terms of trending, most searched and most discussed content made in Toronto goes.

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HONESTLY, this drone video is way more awesome then Fireworks filmed with a drone, Drones over dolphin stampede and whales off dana point and maui, Auschwitz: Drone video of Nazi concentration camp by BBC news, 100% WTC Drone Attack/Strike Plane PROOF (many witnesses) go Xendrius! and Top 5 Drone Inventions you Must Have – all these videos are super dope though! Be sure to check them out and to subscribe to all them peeps! Wild times!