Hot weather* flight of my Flytec T18 R/C “Mini Racing Drone” 08-13-18 (720p) (1)

Hot weather* flight of my Flytec T18 R/C “Mini Racing Drone” 08-13-18 (720p) (1).

Flight took place in the airspace over an empty lot near the intersection of Ellinor Ave. and Olympic Hwy. N. in Shelton WA. USA at 4:20pm PDT on 08-13-18 (or, “2018-08-13T16:20” or, “2018 13 Aug.” or even, “August 13, Twenty Stick-Infinity-Stick” if you prefer).

Weather conditions at flight time were sunny (with the sun partially filtered by smoke from the California wildfires; the sunlight also appears a bit more orangish than normal), temperature was 104°F (40°C), and winds as measured with my stupid “rotten platypus micturition yellow” portable digital “windometer” (as JD from JD Quad in the UK calls those things even though they’re actually called, “anemometers”) 😉 were variable to 4.40mph (7.08kph) at the surface.

This drone ***DOES NOT*** make an excellent camera platform primarily because it is so nimble & responsive and does not have a gimbal — the camera is hard-mounted directly into the drone’s fuselage.
Other than that I think that this drone is the dog’s bollocks (it’s extremely good!) — I mean I’m really chuffed to bits (exceptionally happy) with it!!! 🙂

I look kinda pissed in this video even though I’m really not; a serious brain operation that I had in late-2002 robbed me of my ability to smile (among other things). 🙁
I really ***DO*** love the living tweedle out of flying my drones!!! 🙂
The same operation also left me with a “googly eye” which is why I look a bit queer (pun not intended).

The music that you hear is zax from the Pee-Cee computer demo , “Verses” by the PC demo group Electromotive Force (EMF) and the song, “R2-D2 (Lives in My Ass) by the Rochester NY. solo synth/electropunk comedy act Worm Quartet.
This product is not audio (sound)-sensitive in any manner; the music may safely be ignored or even muted if it piddles you off.

* Hot weather in this context means an ambient temperature of 104°F (40°C) or higher at flight time.

While I was flying it, I “heard” this fictional, phoney-bologna fake made-up song, sung to the tune of, “Row Row Row Your Boat”, which went like this:

♪ Fly fly fly my drone ♪
♪ Fly it for orange juice! ♪
♪ Merrily merrily merrily ♪
♪ Fly it into Betelgeuse! ♪**

** Most everybody knows that quadcopters (or any other propeller-driven aircraft for that matter) can’t fly in a vaccum but I needed to find a word that rhymed with, “juice”. 😉
Betelgeuse (pronounced as though it were spelled, “Beetlejuice”) is a red supergiant star that was ejected from the Orion OB1 Association.

I would never condone the destruction of any multirotor (or heli or fixed-wing aircraft — or *ANY* type of R/C or actual aircraft for that matter) by flying it toward a destructive source like a supergiant star, white dwarf star spewing verteron particles, blue giant star, neutron star, supernova, graviton ellipse (spatial anomaly 521), Wolf-Rayet star, Cepheid variable star, magnetar, binary or trinary stars, astral eddy, pulsar, quasar, black hole, etc.
Betelgeuse is going to go supernova any time now, so why take a chance? 😉

More info. on my website about the Flytec T18 R/C “Mini Racing Drone” at, and the “windometer” (anemometer) that I used at

Hot weather* flight of my Flytec T18 R/C “Mini Racing Drone” 08-13-18 (720p) (1)