How To Puff lipos (Helio Spring race drone)

How To Puff lipos (Helio Spring race drone)
Trying out my new goggles and caddx SR1 camera, Helio needs just a little tuning. It was not shown, but the first flight puffed my battery enough to split the wrap!

Also my apologies, I thought 50 degree camera pitch was enough, for the Polaroid cube, I guess not!!!

Diatone GTM-5 NP frame
DALRC Engine 40A 4in1 ESC
Helio spring FC
Racekraft 2307 2550KV motors
Tramp HV VTX
Caddx SDR1 CCD camera
Azure power 5150 props
Foxeer lollipop antenna
Frsky QX7 with hall gimbals
Fat Shark HD3 Core goggles
Realacc 5850 flashed with Achilles
Brain3D printed session mount
Polaroid Cube +

Artist: Anthrax
Album: Persistence of Time
Released: 1990
Genre: Metal
Recorded: 1978, Eden Studios, London, England

I do not own the rights to the music

How To Puff lipos (Helio Spring race drone)