HQ 5043 race quad and 5040 LDARC on 200GT

HQ 5043 race quad and 5040 LDARC on 200GT
Over all 200GT performs not bad at all.

200GT Available here: https://api.racer.lt/6ya2
Spare frame with led’s motor protectors and props 5x4x3: https://api.racer.lt/6zb0

New Great Emax RSII motors:
2306: https://api.racer.lt/6z97
2206: https://api.racer.lt/6z98

F40 III motors:

Motors: XT1806: https://api.racer.lt/6zb1
ESC 20A + F4 FC: https://api.racer.lt/6zba
Spare box: https://api.racer.lt/6zb2

Other cameras what will fit great:
Foxeer Predator:
V1: https://api.racer.lt/6yb5
V2: https://api.racer.lt/6zb3
Monster: https://api.racer.lt/6zb6
Arrow: https://api.racer.lt/6zb7

Sparrow v2: https://api.racer.lt/6zb4
Swift v2: https://api.racer.lt/6zb8

Caddx: https://api.racer.lt/6zb5

Great RTF race quad ready for races: https://api.racer.lt/6yj1
wonderful big durable wing: https://api.racer.lt/6yj5

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HQ 5043 race quad and 5040 LDARC on 200GT