Micro FPV Racing Drones 2″ & 2,5″ with GOPRO Session Compilation 2018

Micro FPV Racing Drones 2
True Micro Racing Drones ( 2″ / 2,5″ & motors 110x ) can carry Gopro session 5 and still be fast, in this compilation you can find the best ones 🙂 . Your can also just be sure that you have best motors Sunnysky R1106 5500KV https://goo.gl/m62mK9 and LIPOs Tattu 4s450mah https://goo.gl/UyB2Hd GNB 3s 550mah 80C https://goo.gl/V6kg7Q

Cheapest & lightest way to go long range is FRSky R XSR https://goo.gl/xnkTe5 / GB https://goo.gl/BrBhua

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Hawkeye Firefly Sports Camera Case:https://goo.gl/xWK5G7
Hawkeye Firefly 160 Degree action camera: https://goo.gl/VHc4rK
Quelima SQ12 DVR camera: https://goo.gl/wBzAq5
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00:00 VMX2
Micro 3S loves Gopro Session! Outdoor 2/2

00:45 LokiFPV
Gopro Session on 2″ micro drone

01:25 Leaf FPV
I put a GoPro on the Leader 120

02:00 Dillon Hoopes
Ultimate Micro Drone Build Hyperlite Tooth Fairy 2.4″ carries a Gopro!!

02:42 X Hover
Xhover Micro 2″ can carry a GoPro?

03:28 Spurr NationFPV

04:08 Shaun Taylor aka. Nytfury FPV
6s speed SWPR Raceday in the desert 2! REAL SPEEEEEEED!!!!!!

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Micro FPV Racing Drones 2″ & 2,5″ with GOPRO Session Compilation 2018