My third drone video – My First Crash!

My third drone video - My First Crash!
Racing around in sport mode at full speed trying to do some cool fly byes at pretty low altitude, she got away on me a bit. I thought I could quickly climb and accelerate out of trouble but clipped the lamp post on the way back up and then it was lights out. The spark cartwheeled away over onto a nearby strip of grass and landed in a heap.

One of the little motor covers popped off and was missing but I was lucky to eventually find it in the grass. I shredded one propeller and the other props have some light damage but are fine.

The drone was still happily recording after it shut down its motors following the crash. I’ve since replaced all propellers and the thing works perfectly. Zero damage to the main drone body or camera and she’s good as new!

This crash was 100% self inflicted as I was skylarking like an idiot way too low around things like street lights.

Also to note is that this video was corrupted on the micro SD card when I went to download it. And I had to use the djifix utility to get the raw video frame data back and re-convert it back into MP4.This is apparently common after a crash as the final write to disk is sometimes corrupted.

My third drone video – My First Crash!