Ollie Practice and Backcountry Drone Adventure

Ollie Practice and Backcountry Drone Adventure
In this video we head north. About 35 minutes on Highway 99 and we reach the town of Pemberton. The skate park is new and empty compared to the one in Whistler.

Kevin is continuing on his skateboard progression and has reached the first major hurdle: learning to ollie, For some people learning this takes up to a month, so hopefully no-one expects him to get it first try.

Using tips from the Braille skateboard team the focus is on the individual parts of the ollie:

1 Tail Taps
2 Sliding front foot forward
3 Timing 1 & 2 together

The longer and more often you can get out on the street and do these the faster you will progress. Even if its only a short time the key is consistent repetition.

After this we head back down to Whistler, but on the way we have a look up one of the Forest Service Roads, that are used primarily in the winter for backcountry access. Basically we just wanted to go on an adventure and do some drone flying in the process.

The first road is underwater so we double back and head to the south side of the river. Before next winter we are trying to get familiar with all the DJi Mavic Drone features, especially the Active Track (follow mode). During the flight we do a test with the minimum and maximum follow speed. Simply the slower the drone the more it focuses on smooth shots, but it will quickly lag behind faster subjects. Next, follow mode on the car. The results are kind of mixed, but the terrain was pretty treacherous: winding down a curvy forest road with massive trees next to the road.

Ollie Practice and Backcountry Drone Adventure