On the Need For Upgrading Spaceships With Metamaterials Etc. Due To Past Tragedies!

On the Need For Upgrading Spaceships With Metamaterials Etc. Due To Past Tragedies!
A Long Way To Go!

Whether it be a ‘faulty o-ring’
or the proverbial ‘chip in the wing’
and/or virtually countless other things
shuttles explode sometimes, & space
is not a place for guarantees,
same as with rockets in general, yet we
can improve their level of overall safety
if we continue to try to do just that
before they become ‘the world’s hat’
flying past the moon out to Mars
and other places we’ve planned in store
for destinations, destinations GALORE,
dances in Andromeda and more,
golfing on 55 Cancrie E and inviting
delegates and common folk to Titan
and all the other stuff we’ll do beyond…

Let’s improve the future based on the past!

Let’s learn from those who took the BLAST
& study up on what went wrong
& how to keep folks growing strong
out where zero gravity
is the norm, perpetually!

What havoc that wreaks on the body
plus various kinds of space debris
like micro & macro meteorites
whizzin’ by lookin’ to take a bite
and dimensia and loneliness and anger
and claustrophibia and hunger
for not just better food but to be touched
by loved ones missed as much
as the Sun and the Moon MUST feel,
so in love,
so unable to hug!

So must we find a way to live if we
are going to spread humanity
throughout the universe eventually
and not just one but many ways to be
alive out there on planets or machines
or pockets of space with ‘the right conditions’
to ensure our continuance,
though the way it is right now we’re flingin’ folks
deep into space with bicycle spokes,
mirrors, and welded on handlebars,
that jiggle and wiggle and brag about scars
hopin’ and prayin’ and… okay… more than THAT,
but NOT enough to face the rigors whereat
our imaginations DEMAND we proceed,
our unmitigated ambition as humanity
demands we NEED, and so we
have got to take it up sooooo many clicks
that old plans should be all but completely scrapped,
sparing only those parts that yet remain
relevant enough to be mentioned and planned
in but as for the rest…it’s time for RADICAL thinking,
a rennaissance of wondering,
a period of daring,
of sharing and caring,
of no longer despairing, but DOING,
red tape used for a bow to cut pursuant
to the collaberation succeeding,
and those who dared to fly in the ships
that so far have brought humans to outer space
may they soar beyond where stars dare slip
as they tend to forever with grace
there to remain in infinite types of peace!

To those who’ll fly to Mars I say,
I hope you make it safely! I pray
you make it safely! But you must choose a way
that is safer than ships of the past, okay?!

Don’t let budget have ANY say!
Don’t let budget get in the way!

We’re talking about you
and humanity!

Honor the dead
BY protecting
the living!
They were OUT THERE carving
a path worth taking!

When will it ever EVER be safe enough?
You either don’t go…or you do!
In the meantime it’s up to us, though it’s tough,
to find find a SAFE way through!

—- PS Good luck with the launching of the EPIC but NOT forever good enough James Webb General Observatory in March or So of 2019! May it go well and may you discover and share with the rest of us MUCH about DEEEEEEP and NEAR space, and the ‘stuff’ therein! 😉 2:20 and many couldn’t think of anything…
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On the Need For Upgrading Spaceships With Metamaterials Etc. Due To Past Tragedies!