Other Possible Applications of Robots

Other Possible Applications of Robots

Robots in Our World Today

Currently, we are enjoying the benefits of the advancements in the field of robotics. Many factories and other industrial facilities utilize robots for both manufacturing and research. In medical facilities, robots are used in order to ensure the precision measurements required when mixing chemicals. They are also utilized when handling dangerous bio hazards in order to prevent the contamination and spread of diseases.

In industrial facilities, robots take on less delicate roles and focus more on doing what machines do best, doing heavy work. From doing heavy lifting to high-heat welding, robots surpass human workers in both strength and the ability to withstand inhospitable work conditions.

Unique Uses of Robots in Our Society

Of course, those are not the only purposes robots take in our society. Scientists and engineers are looking to develop robotic technology further, increasing both the range of abilities and mobility of robots. Robots can have a variety of mobility options, from bipedal legs to treadmills, they can be made to walk, crawl, roll and slither through different terrain.

Some robots are also equipped with climbing, hanging and flight capabilities that allow them to be used in different environments. This is one reason why military applications of robots are highly researched and funded.

Aside from exploring, robots can also be equipped with many sensory devices that would increase their abilities to detect and analyze objects around them. Radar, sonar, GPS and other navigation technology can provide robots with ways to find and map their way through both familiar and unfamiliar technology.

Visual sensing devices such as infrared, thermal heat detection and x-ray technology when applied would increase the visual range capabilities of robots beyond that of normal eyesight. Robots, being mechanized in their nature, are naturally tougher and harder than their human counterparts.

A proper supply of energy to fuel a robot would ensure that it would not stop for food or rest. While robots also require the occasional maintenance, repairing a robot is much easier than bringing a sick human back to health.

Use of Robots beyond Our Society

As previously stated, robots are perfect for exploration and they are able to withstand inhospitable environments. This means we can send robots to locations such as that of extreme cold like the arctic, extreme heat like active volcanoes, to areas of extreme pressure such as that of the Mariana’s Trench. The deployment and usage of robots in these areas would enable our scientists to research and learn ore about these areas that are not normally studied due to the hazards of the areas.

Robots can also be sent to outer space and extra-terrestrial landscapes since they are able to function in areas that are inaccessible to humans. Aside from inhospitable areas, robots are also expected to function in very hostile locations such as today’s modern battlefields. With the development of weapons advancing at a very rapid pace, the mortality of soldiers are quickly moving towards a very dangerous direction. The solution is to create armies of unmanned automatons, combat-ready robots that are able to follow mission directives and execute commands with precision.

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