Resume Writing 2.0

Resume Writing 2.0
Keep your resume short and simple. That will make your potential employer put it at the top of the list instead of someone who drones on for six pages about every single accomplishment from earning his Boy Scout badges to his Little League championship to everything he or she did in the filing room of their business. People who are hiring are bombarded with resumes every day, so if you use the 2.0 method, you can produce a resume that is simple and to the point and will guarantee you a foot in the door at whatever company you wish to work for.

A 2.0 resume is proof-read and completely free of common spelling and grammatical errors. This may seem like common sense, but it is something that is generally not done. Have as many people as you can find read your resume as your own eye may not catch your own errors. After the resumes have been scanned, someone reads them to further weed out the best matches for the position. If a resume contains as little as one spelling or grammar error, it is usually kicked to the curb. Those errors are a big deal as they show your general lack of attention to detail.

A 2.0 resume will help you get the job you are seeking mostly because it emphasizes the things that the company is looking for. They don’t care about the minutia of your life; they only care about how you can help then and why you are the most qualified. It is proofed and spelling is checked and that helps because no one wants a sloppy resume on their desk and it will likely hit the trashcan before it goes to the next level.

When you turn in a 2.0 resume, it is tight and concise and you don’t have to worry about the common errors that doom just about everybody who doesn’t take the final steps towards career perfection. Keep the resume simple, try to keep it to one page, and just make sure it is clean and doesn’t need a decipher to get through it.

Keep your resume tight with a 2.0 resume. Your potential employers will enjoy having a resume to read that is not bloated with meaningless credentials and they will see that you are quick and to the point and that is what employers are looking for. Don’t waste their time.

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