Russian Building “Shtorm” Biggest Aircraft Carrier

The new Russian carrier concept, called the “Shtorm,” would match the size of the US’s current carriers, displacing about 100,000 tons and carrying a similar number of aircraft, despite the the site’s claim that it would be the biggest carrier in the world.

Russian Building “Shtorm” Biggest Aircraft Carrier

16 thoughts on “Russian Building “Shtorm” Biggest Aircraft Carrier”

  1. it's better to build 2 smaller than one huge. After all, one is one and two is two. Two can be present at two locations at a same time.

  2. Still can't build a fucking catapult system. Geez. Hey Russia, is that extra 100 ft going to make any real difference? Surely by now you could at least copy our 1950 model stuff.

  3. will never be built
    Ramp launching is a waste of deck space and a trade off in what jets can carry

  4. I thought they were repairing and upgrading Kuznetsov cos of money shortages. Even then it seems there is uncertainty about whether to repair and update current engines and other crucial systems or build new ones which would leave it off the seas for a few years. Schtorm is a pipe dream methinks.

  5. according to one russian website russia is about to build a spacecraft that flies faster than the speed of light…

  6. Russia has no money to build it. she is fishing for a stupid customer such as India to pay for it. lol

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