Space Ship Deployment | Nasa

Posted By on April 28, 2017

Space Ship Deployment | Nasa
Purpose of Launches

Humans have always dreamed of launching into space, and it took many generations to create the technology that allowed us to get there. The word “launch” means to propel with force or to embark on a mission. Long ago, humans realized the scientific value of putting satellites in orbit and people into space. We wanted to land on the Moon, study the Earth, and explore the solar system. The only way to do it was to launch into space.

Often, the reason we launch things is to deliver a “payload”. A payload means a valuable spacecraft, cargo, or people that need to be delivered into space. An example is a NASA satellite to be put into orbit around the Earth. The payload is contained within the launch vehicle.
Launch Vehicle

The most common launch vehicle into space is, of course, a rocket! In the past, the Space Shuttle was also used to deploy satellites and other payloads. But for now, let’s talk about rockets.

Space Ship Deployment | Nasa

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