Spaceship Alarm | Royalty Free Music | Sound Archive

Spaceship Alarm | Royalty Free Music | Sound Archive

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What is YouTube Library. YouTube Library currently offers more than 150,000 audio tracks on its site that video producers can use as background music for their videos. The music in this new YouTube Audio Library can be downloaded, remixed and used for free forever.

There are more choices for free and legal music to use in your videos than ever before.

The tracks, which are available as 320 Kbps MP3 files, YouTube says, can be used for “any creative purpose” – even outside of YouTube. The team says it searched “far and wide” for musicians and producers to work with on this project. It’s also soliciting submissions for additional musicians who would like to add their music to the collection.
Overall, the quality of the music is a step up from most of the 150,000 other YouTube audio tracks. There’s a decent mix of genres ranging from ambient and classical to pop and R&B, and songs are also classified by moods (angry, dark, happy, romantic etc.).

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Spaceship Alarm | Royalty Free Music | Sound Archive

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