Spaceship Zero Adventure Hour Chapter 9: “Twenty Minutes of Oxygen”

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Long thought to be forever lost in the studio fire of 1962, original copies of the 1954 American radio serial The Spaceship Zero Adventure Hour have finally been unearthed and are being made available to SSZ fans and old time radio enthusiasts. The old magnetic tapes have been lovingly restored by talented archivists, and the resulting digital file is made available to the world at no cost. Please consider donating to help restore future episodes!

Chief archivists:
Toren Atkinson
Warren Banks
Chris Stewart
Jay Harmer

Sound restoration::
Rob Hunt

Voice restoration:
Toren Atkinson
Ellie Jefferies
Pia Guerra
Mike O’Donnell
Jordan Pratt

Effects restoration:
Chris Stewart

Music restoration:
Thomas Falk

Special thanks: Allan Newell

You’ve heard the radio plays – now listen to the soundtrack:

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Spaceship Zero: the Roleplaying Game (Print)

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