Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy ? Zerg Build Order the Proper Tips

Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy ? Zerg Build Order the Proper Tips

If you are playing Starcraft 2 in Zerg race and you want to dominate other gamers on, you have to learn about Starcraft 2 Zerg strategy that will help you to win your competitors. There are a huge of Starcraft 2 Zerg strategy and I will tell you some of them.

Firstly, the Zerg is one of the hardest races to play. Zerg units are not too strong, Zerg units are the weakest of all. Even so, when you learn the effective Starcraft 2 Zerg strategy, Zerg become one of the greatest races for competitive play.

The important thing when you play Starcraft 2 in Zerg race is by using a good build order. This is simple Starcraft 2 Zerg strategy but it is powerful.

“IdrA” is one of the best starting build orders that is often used by the professional Starcraft 2 players. Below is how it works:

– Go directly for 10 Drones, at 10/10 Drones, assemble an Overlord. While the Overlord is building, use the extractor cheat to obtain 11/10 Drones. After the Overlord is completed, develop more Drones until you are at 15/18 Drones.

– Build a Spawning Pool at 15/18 Drones, build 2 more Drones, getting you 16/18 supplies (you might shed one Drone when creating your Spawning Pool).

– At a supply count of 16/18, expand to your organic expansion (construct a Hatchery). Just after issuing your order to construct the Hatchery, build an Overlord at the time you have enough money. Right after ordering the development of your Overlord, your Spawning Pool will complete.

– Make a Queen as well as some Zerglings.


These above are roughly Zerg Strategy, for more Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategies, I strongly recommend you to learn from the effective Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy Guides that are very popular on internet. In personally, I recommend you to read “Star2Pros guide” or “Shokz Guide”, you can select one of them.

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