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The next generation of Syma drone is here, with fantastic new GPS enabled models changing the way you fly forever! The X8Pro is a large drone equipped with an FPV camera that streams a live feed to your smartphone. Whilst in flight, the drone utilises its GPS connection to stay exactly where you want it to be, making this one of the most stable drones in our fleet. This helps it combat factors like wind and sudden gusts that would normal knock it off course. There’s even a one-button return feature that allows the drone to return to the exact point it started from with a single button push.

Another neat feature of the camera is that it can pan vertically, allowing you to adjust the angle of the lens in flight to ensure you get the footage you need. Combined with the ultra-stable GPS system that keeps the drone hovering in place, you can spend more time focusing on what’s in front of the camera, rather than piloting the drone.

All of this is joined by the standard array of high quality Syma drone features you would expect, such as one-button take-off and landing, 2.4G operating frequency and the very latest in gyro-stabilisation technology. All-in-all, it’s an exceptional drone for pilots who want a bit more from the hobby.
Large Syma drone with GPS connectivity
GPS position lock to maintain stability in the air
Can automatically return to original take-off location
Live streaming camera with vertical angle control
Streams directly to smartphone
One-button take-off and landing
Operates on 2.4G
Requires 4 x AA batteries

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