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Drone +Tree = Crash

Just Flying a Drone!…. Into a tree

On-board camera of my 2nd drone crash

XD this was fun to record. It got out of signal range at the end, so that’s why the video gets choppy, and it doesn’t come with audio, so...

drone crash 1000$

Drone Crash

This is my friend crashing my p1 into a tree, the drone still works fine except for the lights being out on one of the arms.

Drone Footage – Crash – Apollo 5

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Dji Drone Crash

Crashed on second flight!


TIME FOR A Q&A VIDEO! CRASHING DRONE INTO MY GIRLFRIEND.. KINDA. If you enjoyed this video check out more here: ► SUBSCRIBE: ► Check out my merchandise!...

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