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Send In The Drones (Garry’s Mod Trouble In Terrorist Town)

I will destroy you… with drones. I’m playing Garry’s Mod Trouble In Terrorist Town with the magnificent Hat Films and the ever-loud Turps. If you want to a…

Top 3 Drones you should buy

Links 1.Hexo+ 2.Phenom 3.PlexiDrone

Video Games vs. Drones: What They Don’t Tell You!

We hear this all the time – playing video games leads to violence. Gamers across the globe roll their eyes whenever they hear about a new study that correlat…

TGI Fridays Launch #Togethermas Mistletoe Drones

To help inspire more guests come together underneath the mistletoe and experience #Togethermas this Christmas, TGI Fridays has launched a trial of ‘mistletoe…

elevenplay dance performance with drones at Spiral Hall

abstract: This is a collaboration developed by elevenplay×Rhizomatiks who has been the pursuing possibilities of relationship and interaction between the bod…

Amazing Video Drones over Amsterdam

Drones over Amsterdam.

Drones Capture Stunning Killer Whale Footage | Video

Tiny flying drones have captured unprecedented footage of killer whales off the coast of Canada.

Amazon drones Inc. is testing drones that it hopes will soon deliver packages to customers.