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WORLD FIRST! Electric Cloud Seeding via Drones in UAE

REFERENCES: ClimateViewer News ClimateViewer 3D Weather Modification History About Jim Lee: Jim Lee, Creator of ClimateViewer PLEASE SUBSCRIBE If you appreciate my hard work, buy...

3D Printing Your Own DJ Gear SPOTIFY! – Listen to the first Proximity release: A song that I have

My First Week of 3D Printing

The Daily Shed #293 – I’ve had the Monoprice Select Mini for a week now and I feel qualified to chime in on it. Maybe you can learn something...

Top 10 3D-Printed Cars – First Step to the Future of Auto Manufacturing

3d printing is one of those disruptive technologies that might reshape our future. It is cheap, it is fast and environmentally friendly. While NASA plans to use 3d printers...


first time ever I fly in arco! FIRST TIME ACRO MODE! FPV DRONE

Watch These Drones Crash In First Person

The drones were racing in the United Kingdom’s drone racing championships. Subscribe to Vocativ: Find us everywhere else: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Website:

My First Drone Flight

Captain’s Log, Stardate 70570.8. The first drone flight… Sharper Image 14.4″ Camera DX-3 Video Drone My First Drone Flight

Worlds first Flying Phone | Drone Phone | LG 505 | future smartphone |

Hey Friends in this video i’m gonna tell you about world’s first flying phone ….. This phone is a concept which was given by LG…and they nammed that project...