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Electric Baby Kindergarden Walking Dogs Toys Pet Robot from NEW BORN NEW HOPE

New Product 100% Suitable and Safe for Your Kids Help to make better life for Baby Non-Allergy Material for New Born See More Product Description Below

Drone Footage: OSCE oversees howitzer withdrawal from Donetsk frontline – ** HD —

Birds-eye view: Moscow V Day firework display shot from drone

Drone Crash From 1,300 Feet [Don’t Try At Home]

Some people never learn their lesson when they crash their drone the first time. Like me. Now you guys get to see what happens when a 3DR Solo glitched...

UCC May 2016 from Drone Cam

From Idea To Build: An introduction.

A general introduction to the channel. We’ll be covering 3d printing primarily, custom PC projects second, and general nerdery third.

FPV Drone Racing Footage from Maker Faire Saturday May 21st, 2016

Just a little cell phone footage from a race on the DARQ track at the Maker Faire in San Mateo.

3d printing pen from Jer education

This is a tutorial from Jer Education demonstrating how to use, how to draw stencils. Watch and share.