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FISHING LINE brought down my Drone!

I’ve done lots of fishing down here at the pond with my helis and quads but this time, it was my DJI Phantom quad copter that got hooked and...

Farming with a Drone

This video was created from the 2014 Australian sowing all shot with a phantom one an go pro 3 silver edition. The video highlights a few fundamental aspects…

Drone Phantom 2 – Açores, S. Miguel, Ilhéu Vila Franca

Ilhéu de Vila Franca do Campo nos Açores. Phantom 2 Gimbal Zenmuse h3-3d Mini iod GoPro 3-Black. 1080p, 50fps, normal.

Phantom 2 Vision Drone Fly-Away/ Auto Home Incident

While range testing I lost my video feed and transmitter signal.

Wedding Video (drone,dji phantom 2,gopro)

Made by PHANTOM GUY for two good friends!! i hope you enjoy your special day from the top!!!!

Angry ram meets his match – gets scared by a phantom drone & runs away

Flying an fpv phantom over my forest I spotted the grumpy old ram, so I took it in for a closer look & he bolted, I’m surprised he didn’t...

Drone footage of Storm West Seneca NY 4K Aerial

Video and Music by Jim Grimaldi To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email Gear used: DJI Phantom 2 Zenmu…