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[20160131_Dongah Mobilon250]FPV Drone Racing 03

고인돌 용주사 주말비행 (우진 평조 원범 민호와 함께)

UTT2 – Drone Racing –

Drone Racing Dreams The New York Times

Drone Racing Dreams | The New York Times – YouTube Drone racing is a fast-growing extreme sport in which pilots compete head-to-head with small flying drones while wearing...

[20160131_Dongah Mobilon250]FPV Drone Racing 04

고인돌 용주사 주말비행 (우진 평조 원범 민호와 함께)

Drone Racing League#2

Meet the DRL Racer 2, designed by DRL’s team of engineers. These drones are the key players for the sport of the future. #DroneRacingLeague Subscribe to DRL: Get...

Racing Drone at Clemson Autocross (Miata)

Following Richmond McGowan’s Miata through this week’s Clemson Sports Car Club autocross course. Components: QAV210 Carbon Fiber CC3D EVO ReadtToFlyQuads 2204 2300kv Littlebee 20A ESC 5x4x3 HQ Props

Korea Drone show FPV Drone racing competiion final round.

YoungRok and MinChank did great job at This Competition. MicChan won first Place, YoungRok Won second place.Thanks for support HorizonHobby and XNOVA Motors. 정말 잼있는 레이스 였습니다…

NEW – What is the Drone Racing League ? 2016 DRL Debut

2016 – The Drone Racing League Debuts