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Drone Racing // OCRC Raceway Demo Day

Met up with the Orange County crew to test the race track at OCRC raceway. Pretty fun morning, should have brought a 3″ quad though. Music: Haterade`s “Annie” Download:...

Bird Dog Howler Racing Props by Mongrel Gear

A quick video on our new super strong drone racing props. The Bird Dog Howlers

DIY Air Gates for FPV Drone Racing (MultiGP Style)

I was recently asked if I could bring some extra air gates/race gates to a #MultiGP UTT practice meet. This video shows how I made my £13 gates and...

Drone Racing Hungary @ Vasas Fc | Heat 1.

Drone Racing with Buckeye FPV Columbus, Ohio

Nerves are always a factor, but for only being my 2nd time doing a MultiGP race, I couldn’t ask for better. I’m getting there. I’ll be racing with the...

наконец то это случилось Storm Racing Drone

720 км от ярска , по окончанию 40ка минут был краш , воткнулся в бетон сейчас делаю!

FPV Racing перегони швидкісних квадрокоптерів (

Сюжет Hromadske.TV об этапе гонок на FPV дронах в классе FAI F3U в Киеве на Чайке. Июнь 2016

FPV Drone Racing Spot