The 3D Revolution

The 3D Revolution

Believe it or not 3D technology has been around since the 19th century when Scottish inventor and writer David Brewster invented the Stereoscope. Since then 3D technology has evolved and we are now in the middle of a new 3D revolution.

Such revolution is happening thanks to a series of factors that brought 3D imaging and video to the main stream again. First the technology has been enhanced and 3D experience is way better than before which made the movie industry start to invest big on 3D movies again.

Then we have the most influential factors of this revolution, the introduction of 3D Ready TV sets and 3D broadcasting. All the major HDTV manufacturers have released three dimensional TV sets capable of reproducing 3D movies and broadcasting.

Recently and to be more precisely, on October 1st 2010, Sky launched Europe’s first 3D TV channel, kicking off its schedule with live coverage from the Ryder Cup.  Virgin tried to steal the spotlight by launching a 3D movie on demand channel, three days ahead of Sky’s launch.

Sky’s service has been available since April. Since then it has broadcast 14 premier league matches and random sports events, but the official launch was last week.

For either service, Sky or Virgin, viewers need a 3D-enabled TV and special glasses as well as a special receiver. In Sky’s case the Sky+ HD package & box and for Virgin’s the Virgin HD+ package and set top box.

The pricing of 3D ready TV sets are starting to drop but if you have money to splash there are options that go as high as £5,600, which is the case of the new Samsung UE55C9000 of 55 inches from the new Samsung 9000 series.

The Samsung 9000 series TV are designed with the latest LED Backlighting, picture processing modes and 3D capability. In my opinion the Formula Ones of 3D TVs.

But if you don’t have that kind of money there options as low as £800 which is the Samsung LE40C750. This Full HD TV lets you enjoy the thrills of 3D Movies as well as 3D Gaming.

Speaking of three dimensional gaming, this is another factor responsible for this so called 3D revolution. At present Sony PlayStation 3 is the only gaming console available on the market to offer this service. But others are on the verge of releasing three dimensional capabilities which is the case of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii.

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