The 5 ways to STOP drones 🤖🤖🤖

The 5 ways to STOP drones 🤖🤖🤖
Drones are no longer a novelty. The counter-drone industry has sprung up developing 100s of products to defend against drones. Here are the 5 ways to stop drones.

In 2015 a man landed a drone carrying radioactive sand on the roof of the Japanese prime minister’s office. In 2017 a California couple was arrested for dealing and delivering drugs using a drone. In 2018 Homeland Security reported that terrorists are using drones to conduct attacks. In Syria they have used off the shelf drones to drop grenades and mortar shells.

(1) Spoofing 0:22
(2) Nets 1:26
(3) Laser 2:50
(4) Projectiles 3:09
(5) RF / GNSS Jamming 4:54

Full list of products is here:

Arthur Michel’s paper:

– Spoofing, or protocol manipulation, takes control of a targeted drone by hijacking the communication link
– Nets for drones are designed to entangle the targeted drone and/or its rotors
– Lasers use directed energy to destroy vital segments of the drone causing it to crash to the ground
– Projectiles offer a more direct option. There are regular or custom-designed ammunition available that will destroy or disable incoming unmanned aircraft
– RF / GNSS Jamming essentially a targeted high-powered antenna that blasts the drones antenna with a signal powerful enough to drown out the controller

The 5 ways to STOP drones 🤖🤖🤖