The out-of-body rush of drone racing

The out-of-body rush of drone racing
For Ballarat drone pilot Andrew Gregg flying quadcopters through a timber yard or between trees in a pine forest is the perfect training ground for competitive racing.

For Andrew, the immersive experience of racing drones wearing FPV (first person view) video goggles is totally addictive.

“Instead of seeing the craft from an external point of view, you’re actually in the machine itself. You’re the pilot basically” Andrew said.

While some pilots race by line of sight or through a monitor on their remote control, Andrew prefers the goggles as it helps him disconnect from reality and focus in on the race.

“When you put those goggles on, everything else fades away and you’re one with that piece of machinery.”

Video by Marc Eiden
Drone Camera footage: Andrew Gregg
Drone Race footage: Andrew Gregg, Mark Cocquio, Jon Harding

Special Thanks to:
National D1 Drone Racing Challenge
Ballarat Exhibition Centre
Hooded Drone Ninja
Ballarat Mitre 10
Lachlan Fleming
Justin Wombwell

The out-of-body rush of drone racing