Top 5 3D Printers You Should Buy

Top 5 High Resolution 3D Printers You can buy online

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Top 5 3D Printers  You Should Buy

20 thoughts on “Top 5 3D Printers You Should Buy”

  1. Who cares about how it looks look at the Space Shuttle it looks like a huge Cock With Balls lol I want performance, as cheap as possible!

  2. 5 kinda sucks. Most UV printers can do a similar quality, if not just as good, and that thing is $2200 and then you still need a projector for it. Who knows what kind of projector you can get away with using but I'm willing to bet that you'll need a prety nice one.

  3. IF ONLY someone/company would be able to figure out an actual CMYK print color system on 3D printers that mix firm color, right now this kind of 3d printers is just like 1st generation of digital printer that use color strap, neat.

  4. Nea sure isnt built cheap. 2k fuckin bucks na I'll just by me a starter 3d printer for 300 bucks

  5. Easy to use, user friendly interface alas there, they have and Asian running it. (This is a joke)

  6. Hey, I actually enjoyed your video. I believe we include some relevant passions since we build up a cool 3D Cad software. Check our channel out! All the best!

  7. Most printers nowadays can print 200 micron which is also the same as .02 mm. If the frame is rigid enough can also print .01 mm or even less, but I personally like to print at .02mm because it is a good balance between print resolution and print speed, the more layers the more time it takes.

  8. They are knock off clones of someone else's design, buying anyone of these is a direct insult to the true makers that paved the way for affordable home printing. First one ( littlerp style) sec (3dsystems) and craftbot, I mean Makerbot,  forth yet another design base off a reprap not unlike the makerbot, last is,  extended ver of a Prusa I3. in all fairness to the title of this video, the solus is the only true high res printer in this video.

  9. No: 3 why ?????????? It prints at 100 microns which is pretty common, and no other features at all ..

  10. The Rapide-3D is only available prebuilt at an additional $499 for shipping. The Indigogo backers have yet to receive their 200XLs unless they paid the additional $499 (which defeats the purpose of being a backer and getting a deal). At the time it was introduced it was ahead of it's time but other 3D printers have already caught up and they are shipping.

  11. The first 3d printer should have a warning that you should not watch it print if you have epilepsy.

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