Unmanned Robotic Warfare – State of the Technology

Unmanned Robotic Warfare – State of the Technology

Currently there are many different robotic options available to modern military. Robots can be run by wire from a distance, run by remote control, steered thru tele-robotics or semi or fully autonomously. There are plenty of “fire and forget” weapons, dumb weapons and smart munitions as well. The line between categories is often blurred with steerable big gun rounds, aircraft swarm UAV control and Tele-robotic machines which can fire thru human command or by way of software rules that include target identification and firing.

How fast is this technology moving? Very fast as we noted the first fully autonomous vehicles made it thru a grueling course set up by DARPA. Contestants in the Grand Challenge borrowed technologies from any industry they could find them and thanks to all the various sponsors of all the teams, they too learned a thing or two.

These companies and industry sponsors will enjoy the findings of their research and the transfer technologies that come forth in the future. Such new technologies into the marketplace will increase efficiency and productivity. But that is just the start as these technologies will save tens or thousands of lives on our Nation’s Highways thru SmartCar Systems and Net-Centric Automobiles of the future.

There have already been many Military Contracts awarded for robotic systems in the United States, some have already been introduced to the modern battlespace and there will be many more to follow. Including fully autonomous logistic convoys, submarines, ground combat vehicles and more UAV models and all these future promises have already been outlined in the Army’s Future Force and Air Force Road Maps. Many are fully funded in the Nation’s budget

Many other allied nations have also added monies to their budgets and rightfully so. Allied nations must protect against rogue nation technologies, International Terrorists sponsored by rogue nation-states and technologies sold to rogue nations by quasi-friendly super powers. As the technology of robotic warfare progresses so to will the technologies of our declared and undeclared enemies, as well as our future potential enemies and their aligned rogue-alities.

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