US Military Develops Ultra Sensitive Rainbow Frequency Oscillating Vibrational Radar System

US Military Develops Ultra Sensitive Rainbow Frequency Oscillating Vibrational Radar System

Over the past few years hostile forces, insurgents, and Al Qaeda has attempted to copy the United States’ military’s strategy of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the battlespace, and since they do not have any real expertise in this area of science, they pretend to have such technologies. It turns out they use RC model aircraft and all them the equivalent of let’s say a Predator Drone with hell-fire missiles.

Not long ago, the Chinese propaganda media claimed that the Iranian Air Force had build a new model aircraft which was one-seventh the size of a normal UAV and since it was so small it could not be seen by US Radar Systems, unfortunately, that’s really not true. In fact, the US Military has a new radar system that can see these little model aircraft.

And get this, the radar system is handheld and can even pick-up stealth model airplane size enemy UAVs, best of all it works from 55-65 miles away depending on weather, and so the reality and moral of the story is simple. The US is light years ahead of the even the Iranian’s own fake take technologies. So, if anyone is thinking they are going to send in model aircraft sized aircraft in to attack US Troops, allies, or military assets, well, good luck to them, their shortened lives will need all they can get to eek out a couple of additional minutes.

Most likely, all these little models will do is make fun practice targets and allow the US to better pin-point the location of the operators of these units, and thus, attain new target information. So, a brief warning out there for anyone attempting such nonsense, as one US Military man recently put it; “I’d rather they didn’t get into my paperwork, but if they must, thanks for the practice!”

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow believes Al Qaeda can no longer hide behind Fencing

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